EmmSure BusinessCare Solutions

Wouldn’t you like to know you have made provision for the unforeseen plumbing and electrical defects or breakdown expenses that may occur in your business.


EmmSure BusinessCare members now have a professional team taking care of the following:

– burst pipes
– blocked toilets / drains
– burst geysers
– faulty electrical work
and much more…

What is Emmsure BusinessCare?

Here at Emmsure we are dedicated to offering you the best possible services to protect your business from Electrical or Plumbing defects  that may occur from time to time at your business.

Our membership covers all PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL defects / break downs that occur in every business.

Plumbing defects:
Dripping taps (excluding replacement) burst water pipe work, Geyser element, Geyser thermostat, Geyser pressure valve, Blocked Drains, Toilet mechanism, Out-side water taps.

Electrical defects:
D/B board, Circuit breakers, Wall plugs, Wall light switches, Wiring defects, Isolator switches, Light fittings, including outside lights, ( but excluding globes.) Electrical fault finding

Membership Packages

Our comprehensive membership package is designed to offer you complete protection in your business. We currently offer two levels of membership. Schedule A – Labour Only Cover.  All Call outs are free under this option.  You will be billed seperately for the materials used. Schedule B – Labour & Parts Cover.  All Call outs, labour and material charges are covered in this option.

Emmsure BusinessCare Membership
This membership offers you two options – either labour cost only or labour and parts cost – including the emergency call out fee.

When would I use it?
Depending on your membership level of cover you obtain, your membership could be used in a number of instances as detailed below, with the costs being covered by your monthly membership fee.

All repairs would be carried out by our qualified staff – ensuring you get a service you can trust.

Why should you use Emmsure BusinessCare?

We offer a professional call centre and a helpline that is available 24 hours a day.

We guarantee a three hour response time regarding your breakdown from receiving the call. Service vans with qualified engineers are always available deal with your breakdown.

Enlisted Emmsure members will also receive a free survey report on the current condition of your electrical / plumbing system in your business free of charge .

EmmSure members will qualify for 10% discount on any other building service offered by Emmsure.

Furthermore we at Emmsure Businesscare will refund your annual premium back to you if you do not have any call outs during the 12 month period guaranteed. (PROVIDING YOUR PREMIUMS ARE PAID IN FULL) 

Emmsure BusinessCare
Looking after your business and helping to give you a complete peace of mind with the day to day running repairs.

How much does it cost?
The price of the cover will depend on the size or your type of business and the services you have selected. All of our services are available at

affordable monthly costs. We offer tailor-made solutions that suits your business.

We will gladly offer you free personalized quotations for the following businesses.

  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Guest Houses
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Townhouse Complexes
  • Blocks of Flats
  • Office Blocks
  • Group Housing Complexes
  • Or whatever your business needs, feel free to call us to discuss options.

Schedule A

Property Maintenance and Repair Labour Only as per schedule:

From a nominal amount per month Emmsure BusinessCare can offer you comprehensive call out services including labour cost to carry out the day-day running repairs to your business.

Emmsure Property Maintenance is looking after your business and helping to give you a complete peace of mind regarding the day to day running repairs of your business.

Schedule B

Property Maintenance and Repair Labour & Parts as per schedule:
Emmsure BusinessCare can offer you comprehensive maintenance cover plan to cover your day  to day maintenance problem including call out and replacement costs to carry out the day-day running repairs to your business.

* Schedules may change without prior notice.

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